Connect from Off Campus using the Proxy Server
How to Set Up Connection

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your web browser and licensed web resources that control access by IP address recognition. To use the service, you must configure your web browser.

Only faculty, current students and staff are authorized to use the proxy service.

A UCD LoginID is a precondition for using the proxy service.


Make the following one-time (set and forget) changes before attempting the login procedure. If you use more than one browser, each must be configured for proxy service independently. If you complete the proxy preparation instructions for Internet Explorer only, make sure you follow the regular login procedure using Internet Explorer and search licensed resources with it. Entering configuration settings only in Internet Explorer as your computer's default browser will not enable Firefox to use the proxy service unless you also enter the appropriate settings in Firefox.

Regular Login Procedure:

We recommend that you start with the Authenticate Now button when you begin browsing.

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