Connect from Off Campus

Current UC Davis students, faculty, and employees may access our licensed resources from off campus.

The Harvest UC Davis Library catalog, Melvyl catalog, and free resources are open to all.

Your computer does not have a campus network address, and you are not able to access licensed resources. If you are currently affiliated with UC Davis, follow the directions below to use the VPN or set up proxy server. Proxy service is needed. Continue reading.

Three options for connecting from off campus

1. Web VPN

Choose the Web VPN if:

  • You are using a computer which doesn't allow you to install software. (Public computer or no admin rights). The Web VPN does not require the installation of any client software.

Known issues: While it permits access to licensed resources without installing software, it is restricted to whichever browser window is logged in at the time of the session. Some sites do not work with Web VPN. See the Known Issues FAQ for the list of those sites and workarounds.


2. VPN Client

Choose the VPN Client (Network Connect) if you:

  • Tend to use multiple windows and tabs in your browser
  • You often connect to PDFs which have URL links
  • You want to use the "Find Full Text" feature in EndNote
  • Use MyNCBI in PubMed
  • Rely on licensed resources not accessible via the Web VPN
  • Prefer uninterrupted access to licensed resources from your own computer
  • Prefer OS-level rather than browser-level access to licensed resources

The VPN Client (Network Connect) can be downloaded directly onto personal computers. It does not work with all operating systems. See the Known Issues FAQ.


Java is required for installation and use of the VPN client. To install Java please go to and follow the instructions.

As of Java version 8 update 45, "" must be added to the Java exception site list. Instructions for this are at Java's website. This is an important step and must be completed before the VPN client is installed as below.

You will need to download and install the VPN Client only once. After installation, make sure the client program is running before accessing licensed resources.

VPN app for Mobile Devices

Junos Pulse is a VPN app for Apple iOS and Android devices. Use Junos Pulse to log into the UC Davis network using either wifi or your telecommunication provider's services. You will have network access to resources such as online journals and books, and other licensed resources.

Junos Pulse is free. You may have network charges from your telecommunication provider, depending on your service plan. It may be downloaded from ITunes or from Android app providers.

3. Proxy Server

Choose the Proxy Server if you:

  • Are using an operating system or browser which is not supported by the Web VPN or VPN Client.
  • Use another VPN (probably work related) and it conflicts with the University Library's VPN. It is best to install a browser that you will only use with the proxy server.


Connecting On Campus:

On-campus locations already have access to library resources. It should not be necessary to use the VPN or proxy server to access library resources from these locations:

  • Campus offices
  • Campus computer networks (including Open Access Labs)
  • Dormitories
  • UC Davis offices located off campus