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Noling, A.W. Hurty-Peck Collection of Beverage Literature

Size of the Collection:
About 6,000 volumes and/or titles.
History of this Collection:
The collection was received as a donation from the family of A.W. Noling, an Indiana businessman who built a successful beverage flavoring firm, the Hurty-Peck Company, which was subsequently taken over by Universal Foods Corporation.
Overview/ Highlights of Collection:
Subjects include bottling, beverage manufacturing, flavors, and chemistry. Strengths in the collection include chocolate, tea, coffee, colas, and beer. A.W. Noling's Beverage Literature: A Bibliography (Methuen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1971) is considered to be the most comprehensive bibliography on this subject to date, and was based in large part on this collection.