A hold may be placed on an item only if it is checked out to another borrower. Only one hold can be taken on active reserves items (2-hour, 1-day, 3-day). Holds are not accepted over the telephone.

2 Hour Items: Held for one half hour after item is returned. A pager will be checked out to you at the time the hold is placed. The pager will light up and vibrate indicating the item has been returned and is available. Bring the pager back to the Reserves desk to check out the item.
1 & 3 Day Items: Held last hour before closing on the day the item is due and the first hour after opening on the following day.
Regular Loan: A request/hold can be placed online in the Harvest catalog. A hold does not change the due date, but it does prevent the item from being renewed. Patron will be notified by email when item is available.