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Carlson Health Sciences Librarians | (530) 752‑8041

Matthew Conner | | (530) 754‑7348

Deanna Johnson | | (530) 752‑3271

Mary Wood | | (530) 754‑9122

Blaisdell Medical Librarians | (916) 734‑3529

Bruce Abbott | | (916) 734‑3529

Marcus Banks | | (916) 734‑4634

Amy Studer | | (916) 734‑0206

The Carlson Health Sciences (CHSL) serves the faculty, staff and students of the Schools of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, and the Dept. of Public Health Sciences.

The Blaisdell Medical Library (BML) serves the faculty, staff and students affiliated with the UCD Health System (UCDHS) and supports the curriculum of the Schools of Medicine and Nursing. There are two specialized collections at the Blaisdell Medical Library — the Civil War Medicine Collection and the Bioethics Collection. The Civil War Collection is the personal collection of Dr. F. William Blaisdell, a UC Davis emeritus professor and a founding father of modern trauma care.