Historical Newspapers available in Microform

United States

18th Century Newspapers

The American Apollo (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Jan. 6, 1792-Dec. 25, 1794, AP2.A542 mp
The American Herald (Worcester, MA)
Microprint: Oct. 20, 1781-June 30, 1788; E173 .A45 mp
American Mercury (Hartford, CT)
Microprint: 1784-1820, AP2.A559 mp
The American Weekly Mercury (Philadelphia, PA)
Paper: 1719-22, in Shields Special Collections, AP2. A593
Online: Early American Newspapers, Dec 22, 1719 - Mar. 22, 1746
The Boston Evening Post (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Aug. 18, 1735-Apr. 24, 1775; E173.B74 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Aug. 18, 1735 - April 24, 1775
The Boston Chronicle (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Oct. 22, 1767-June 25, 1770; E173 .M37 mp
Boston Commercial Gazette (Boston, MA)
Previous titles Boston price-current and marine-intelligencer, Russell's Gazette and Boston Gazette
Microfilm: Sept. 7, 1795 - May 25, 1840, AP2.A2 B65 mf
Online: Early American Newspapers, Boston Gazette, Oct 9,1800- Dec 6. 1802
The Boston Gazette and Weekly Republican Journal (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Dec.21, 1719-Sep.17, 1798; AP2.A2 B6 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Boston Gazette, Dec 21, 1719-Dec 28, 1820
The Boston News-Letter (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Apr. 24, 1704-Feb. 29, 1776; E173. B745 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Apr. 17, 1704 - Nov. 17, 1769
The Boston Post-Boy (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Apr. 21, 1735-Apr.17, 1775; E173. B748 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Apr. 21, 1735-Apr.17, 1775
Claypoole's American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: 1796-1800, E173.C57 mp
Columbian Centinel (Boston, MA) Alternate title Columbian Centinel & Massachusetts Federalist
Microfilm: June 16, 1790- Apr. 29, 1840, AP2.A2 C35 mf
Online: Early American Newspapers, June 5, 1783 - Dec 25, 1832
Columbian Minerva (Dedham, MA) Alternate title Minerva
Microfilm: Oct. 11, 1796- Sept. 4, 1804; AP2.A2 C45 mf
Connecticut Courant (Hartford, CT)
Microprint: Oct. 20, 1764 -1820, F91 C65 mp
Microfilm: Jan. 4, 1820- Dec.25, 1879, AP2.C634 mf
Online: Early American Newspapers, Oct. 29, 1764-1837
Dunlap's American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: 1791-1795, E173 .D84 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, 1791-1795
Independent Chronicle (Boston, MA) Alternate title Independent Chronicle & Boston Patriot
Microfilm: Sept. 19, 1776- May 23, 1840; AP2.A2 N35 mf
Gazette Françoise (Newport, RI)
Microprint: Nov. 17, 1780-Jan. 2, 1781; E173 .R44 mp
Gazette of the United States (New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: Apr. 15, 1789-Feb. 18, 1804; E173 .G39 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Mar 15, 1789-Oct 13, 1790
The Level of Europe and North America (Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: Oct. 1, 1794-Feb. 9, 1795; E173 .N37 mp
Massachusetts Spy (Boston, MA)
Microprint: July 17, 1770 - Apr. 6, 1775; E173 .M37 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, May 3, 1775-1820
National Gazette (Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: Oct. 21, 1791-Oct. 26, 1793; E173 .N37 mp
New-England Chronicle (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Apr.25-Sept.12, 1776; AP2.A2 N35 mf
Online: Early American Newspapers, May 12, 1775-Mar. 4, 1776
The New-England Courant (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Aug. 7, 1721-June 25, 1726; E173. N523 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Aug 7, 1721-Aug 11, 1735
New-England Weekly Journal (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Mar. 20, 1727-Oct. 13, 1741; E173 .N53 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Mar. 20, 1727-Oct 13, 1741
New-Haven Chronicle (New Haven, CT)
Microprint: Apr. 25, 1786-Sept. 11, 1787; E173 N55A mp
New-Haven Gazette (New Haven, CT)
Microprint: May 13, 1784-Feb. 9, 1786; E173 N55B mp
New-Haven Gazette, and the Connecticut Magazine (New Haven, CT)
Microprint: Feb. 15, 1784-June 18, 1789; E173 N55C mp
Newport Herald (Newport, RI)
Microprint: Mar. 1, 1787-Sept. 17, 1791; E173 .R44 mp
New-York Gazette (New York, NY)
Microprint: Feb. 19, 1759-Dec. 28, 1769; E173 .N57 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, New-York Daily Gazette 1788 - Apr. 25, 1795
Pennsylvania Evening Post (Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: Jan. 24, 1775-Oct. 26, 1784; E173 .P45 mp
Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia, PA) Earlier title Universal instructor in all arts and sciences, and Pennsylvania gazette
Microfilm: Dec. 24, 1728- Oct. 11, 1815; AP2.A2P4 mf
Pennsylvania Ledger (Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: Jan. 28, 1775-May 23, 1778; E173. P463 mp
Pennsylvania Mercury (Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: Aug. 20, 1784-Mar. 1, 1792; E173. P465 mp
Porcupine's Gazette (Philadelphia, PA)
Microprint: Mar. 4, 1797-Jan. 13, 1800; E173.P78 mp
The Rhode-Island Gazette (Newport, RI)
Microprint: Sept. 27, 1732- Mar. 24, 1733; E173 .R44 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Providence Gazette, Aug. 31,1762-Oct. 8, 1825
Rivington's New York Gazette (New York, NY)
Microprint: Apr. 22, 1773-1783; E173 .R58 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, Nov 22, 1783-1783
The United States Chronicle (Providence, RI)
Microprint: Jan. 1, 1784-May 17, 1804; E173 .U55 mp
The Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, VA)
Microfilm: 1736-1780, AP2.A2 V5 mf
Index: 1736-1780, in Microcopy Room, AP2.A2 V5
The Virginia Gazette, or the American Advertiser (Richmond, VA)
Microfilm: Jan. 26, 1782- Dec.18, 1786; E173 .V54 mf
Virginia Gazette, or, Norfolk Intelligencer (Norfolk, VA)
Microfilm: June 9, 1774-July 5, 1775; E173 .V56 mf
The Weekly Rehearsal (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Sept. 27, 1731-Aug. 11, 1735; E173.N523 mp

19th Century American Newspapers

American Advocate (Hallowell, ME)
Microfilm: Jan.23, 1810- Jan. 6, 1821, AP2.A3 A45 mf
American Monitor (Plattsburgh, NY) Later title Clinton Advertiser
Microfilm: Aug. 4, 1809 - Dec. 28, 1811; AP2.A3 A53 mf
Boston Patriot (Boston, MA)
Microprint: Mar. 3, 1809-1820; AP2 .B69 mp
Online: Early American Newspapers, 1821-1835
Dixon Tribune (Dixon, CA)
Microfilm: 1855, 1887-1889, 1891-1938, Newspaper mf
Eastern Argus (Portland, ME)
Microfilm: Sept. 8, 1803-1820 AP2.A3 E52 mf
Online: Early American Newspapers, Sept. 8, 1803-1833
Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, D.C)
Microfilm: Jan. 1, 1813- June 24, 1869, AP2.A3 D42 mf
National Intelligencer (Washington, DC)
Microfilm: Oct. 31, 1800- 1812; AP2.A3 N45 mf
Online: Early American Newspapers, Oct 31, 1800-1812
New York Herald (New York, NY) daily
Microfilm: Aug. 31, 1835-Dec. 1919, Newspaper mf
New York Tribune (New York, NY) daily
Microfilm: April 10, 1841-Mar. 18, 1924, Newspaper mf
Index: 1875-1906: AI21 N5 Index, Main Stacks
The Red Cloud Chief (Red Cloud, Neb)
Microfilm: Mar. 23, 1882-Feb.20, 1891, AP2. R435 mf
Republican (Plattsburgh, NY)
Microfilm: Apr. 12, 1811-1820, AP2.A3 R35 mf
The Webster County Argus (Red Cloud, Neb)
Microfilm: Mar. 10, 1881- Sep.10, 1891, AP2.W311 mf
The Weekly Arizonan (Tucson, AZ)
Microfilm: 1859-71, AP2 .W32 mf
Woodland Mail (Woodland, CA)
Microfilm: 1890-Feb. 27, 1894 (incomplete), Newspaper mf

20th Century American Newspapers

Ally (Berkeley, CA)
Microfilm: Feb.1968-Apr.1969 AP2 A41057 mf
California Social-Democrat (Los Angeles, CA)
Microfilm: July 15, 1911-July 29,1916, AP2. C1295 mf
New York Herald Tribune (New York, NY) daily
Microfilm: Mar. 19, 1924-Apr. 24, 1966, Newspaper mf
Sacramento Union (Sacramento, CA) Daily, Previous titles Record Union and Sacramento Daily Record-Union, later title Union
Microfilm: Mar. 19, 1851 - Jan. 14-15, 1994, Newspaper mf


Berrow's Worcester Journal (Worcester, UK) (AP4 .W4) weekly, Previous titles Worcester Postman, Worcester Post and Worcester journal
Microfilm: Jan.1712-1850; AP4 .W4 mf Newspaper current ed.
The Daily Advertiser (London, UK)
Microfilm: 1731-1795, AP3.D3 mf
Japan Daily Herald (Japan)
Microfilm: Apr.4, 1874- Feb. 1875. Newspaper mf
The Japan Gazette (Japan)
Microfilm: May 1874-Dec. 1875, AP95.J2 J3 mf
The Kentish Post or Canterbury Newsletter (Canterbury, UK)
Microfilm: 1726-July 20, 1768, AP3.K4 mf
Kingston Gazette (Kingston, Ontario)
Microfilm: Sept.25, 1810-Dec.28, 1816 (incomplete); AP5 .K5 mf
The London Chronicle (London, UK)
Microfilm: 1757- Apr.28, 1823, AP3.L57 mf
Niagara Chronicle (Niagara, Ontario)
Microfilm: Jan.17, 1839-Aug.21, 1851 (incomplete); AP5 .N52 mf
Niagara Papers (Niagara, Ontario) AP5 .C35 mf
Canada constellation, Microfilm: Aug.21-Dec.7, 1799 (incomplete)
Canadian constellation, Microfilm: Dec.14, 1799-Jan.18, 1800
Echo of Niagara, Microfilm: May 17, 1884
Mercantile sheet almanack, Microfilm: 1837
The Niagara argus, Microfilm: Nov. 20,1844-Mar.15, 1846
Niagara Chronicle and advertiser, Microfilm: May 30,1838
North-China Herald (Shanghai, China) (AP8 .N6)
Microfilm: Aug.3, 1850-Mar.30, 1867, AP8 .N6 mf
Pravda (Moscow, R.S.F.S.R.) daily
Microfilm: English, 1977-1996, Newspaper mf
Microfilm: Russian, April-Sept. 14, 1996, Newspaper mf
Index: English, in Shields Library Stacks, AI21 P73 P72
Shen bao (Shanghai, China)
Microfilm: 1872-1913, AP94.C4 S5 mf
York Courant (York, United Kingdom)
Microfilm: Dec. 1728-1805 (incomplete), Newspaper mf
York Gazette (York, Ontario) Later title Upper-Canada Gazette
Microfilm: Apr.15, 1807 - June 15,1820 (incomplete); AP5.U6 mf