Faculty Library Representatives

Department Library Representative Librarian Subject Specialist & Email
Animal & Avian Sciences Fred Conte Ruth Gustafson ragustafson@ucdavis.edu
Entomology & Nematology Howard Ferris Ruth Gustafson ragustafson@ucdavis.edu
Environmental Science & Policy Eliska Rejmankova Ruth Gustafson ragustafson@ucdavis.edu
Environmental Toxicology Michele La Merrill Ruth Gustafson ragustafson@ucdavis.edu
Evolution & Ecology Tom Schoener Ruth Gustafson ragustafson@ucdavis.edu
Food Science & Technology Charles Bamforth Axel Borg aeborg@ucdavis.edu
Land, Air & Water Resources Peter J. Hernes Cory Craig cjcraig@ucdavis.edu
Microbiology Ja Rue Manning Axel Borg aeborg@ucdavis.edu
Molecular & Cellular Biology Peter Armstrong Laura Soito lmsoito@ucdavis.edu
Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior Gregg Recanzone Ruth Gustafson ragustafson@ucdavis.edu
Nutrition Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr Axel Borg aeborg@ucdavis.edu
Plant Biology Bo Liu Laura Soito lmsoito@ucdavis.edu
Plant Pathology Thomas Gordon Laura Soito lmsoito@ucdavis.edu
Plant Sciences Judy Jernstedt Laura Soito lmsoito@ucdavis.edu
Viticulture & Enology Doug Adams Axel Borg aeborg@ucdavis.edu
Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology Louis Botsford Ruth Gustafson ragustafson@ucdavis.edu

Information for Faculty Library Representatives

Department Library Representatives provide Librarian Subject Specialists with:
Information on new academic programs and department hires.
Information needs of faculty, staff and students in their departments, and feedback on library collections and services.
Department Library Representatives provide their academic departments with:
Information on new library collections and services.
Future developments in the library.
Librarian Subject Specialists will provide Department Library Representatives with:
Information on new library collections and services

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