UC Davis Google Book Digitization Project

In June 2013, the UC Davis Library began sending public domain (out-of-copyright) books and journals to be digitized as part of UC's partnership in the Google Books Library Project. We are the 6th UC site to join the Google project. The Library's participation in the Google Books Library Project will benefit the UC Davis community, as well as researchers and readers throughout the world.

Questions and Answers

Q: How many works will be digitized?

The UC Davis Library anticipates it will digitize approximately 45,000 volumes (books and bound journals) from the general collections and special collections, including the Viticulture & Enology Collection.

Q: How long will the project last?

The project is expected to take 12-14 months.

Q: How are items being selected for digitization?

Items are selected based on Google's candidate list process to reduce duplication of material from multiple partners, copyright status and suitability for scanning. While we seek to digitize as many items as possible, we do not provide items that are protected by copyright or might be harmed by the scanning process.

Q: Does digitization harm the material?

No. Google has developed innovative technology to scan the content without harming the books. Furthermore, any book deemed fragile will not be scanned by Google.

Q: What happens to the print items once they are digitized?

The books are returned to the library after being scanned.

Q: What about copyright issues?

UC Davis is strongly committed to respecting copyright law.

Q: Whom should I contact for more information about UC Davis Library participation in the Google Books Library Project?

Contact Gail Yokote at (530) 752‑2110.


As of June 16, 2014 — 36,290 of 45,000 titles sent for scanning (or digitization).

Thanks to the Library Staff responsible for the Project

Project staff posing with a Google Book truck

Technical Services: D. Leonard, Sarah Koller, Karleen Darr, Jing Jiang, Charlotte Payne.

Project staff posing with a Google Book truck

Special Collections: Liz Phillips, Daryl Morrison, John Sherlock.

Some Recently Digitized Titles:

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