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Librarian Subject Specialists

To ensure that the library's collections are developed judiciously and interpreted and managed effectively, book selectors in the UC Davis University Library are assigned to each academic discipline or organized research unit. These Librarian Subject Specialists provide a wide range of services, including collection assessment and development, specialized reference consultation, and introductions to library resources for classes with intensive library projects. Members of the faculty are encouraged to consult with these librarians on issues pertinent to their use of the library for teaching and research.

Individuals from other campus libraries and collections can be found at the Campus Libraries & Collections web site.

Contact Myra Appel, Head, Collection Strategies Department, for information about collection development policies and practices: mlappel@ucdavis.edu, (530) 752‑2002

Aeronautical EngineeringRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
African American and African StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
African StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Agricultural and Environmental ChemistryRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Agricultural and Resource EconomicsAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Agricultural EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Agricultural SciencesAxel Borg(530) 752‑6176
Agronomy and Range ScienceLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Air ResourcesPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
American LiteratureRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
American StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Anatomy, Physiology and Cell Biology (Veterinary)Deanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Animal BehaviorRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Animal ScienceRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
AnthropologyMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
ApicultureRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Applied MathematicsRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Applied SciencePhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Applied Science, EngineeringPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
ArcheologyMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
ArchitectureDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Art HistoryDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Art StudioDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Asian American StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
AstronomyPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
AstrophysicsPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Atmospheric Science ClimatePhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Atmospheric Science MeterologyPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Automotive EngineeringRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Avian SciencesRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Biological and Agricultural EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Biological Sciences, College of
Evolution and EcologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
MicrobiologyAxel Borg(530) 752‑6176
Molecular and Cellular BiologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Neurobiology, Physiology and BehaviorRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Plant BiologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Biomedical EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
BiophysicsLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
BiotechnologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
BotanyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
BusinessAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory SystemDeanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
California National Primate Research CenterMary Wood(530) 754‑9122
Cellular BiologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Center for Aging and Health
Center for Animal AlternativesMary Wood(530) 754‑9122
Center for Animal BehaviorRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Center for Avian BiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Center for Child and Family StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Center for Companion Animal HealthMary Wood(530) 754‑9122
Center for Comparative MedicineMary Wood(530) 754‑9122
Center for Comparative Research in History, Society and CultureDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Center for Consumer ResearchAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Center for CooperativesAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Center for Design ResearchDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Center for Ecological Health Research
Center for Equine HealthDeanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Center for Health and the Environment
Center for Healthcare Policy and Research
Center for Image Processing and Integrated ComputingPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
Center for Pest Management Research and ExtensionRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Center for Population BiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Center for Public Policy, Race & GenderDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Center for Vectorborne DiseasesDeanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Centers for Water and Wildland ResourcesRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Chemical EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
ChemistryCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Chicana/Chicano StudiesRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
Child DevelopmentDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Chinese Language and LiteratureAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Civil and EnvironmentalCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Civil EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
ClassicsAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
ClimatePhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Clinical & Translational Science CenterRaquel Abad
CommunicationJuri Stratford(530) 752‑9783
Community and Regional DevelopmentDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Comparative HistoryDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Comparative LiteratureMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
Comparative PathologyDeanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Computer EngineeringPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Computer SciencePhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Conservation BiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Critical TheoryMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
Cultural StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
DanceMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
DemographyJuri Stratford(530) 752‑9783
Design and Landscape ArchitectureDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Developmental BiologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Dramatic ArtMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
Engineering [College]
Aeronautical EngineeringRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Applied SciencePhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Biological and AgriculturalCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Biomedical EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Chemical EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Civil and EnvironmentalCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Computer SciencePhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Environmental EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Materials ScienceCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Mechanical EngineeringRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Earth SciencesPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
East Asian StudiesAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
EcologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
EconomicsAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Economy, Justice and SocietyMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
EducationRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
English Language and LiteratureRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
EnologyAxel Borg(530) 752‑6176
EntomologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Environmental ChemistryCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Environmental EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Environmental Health
Environmental HorticultureLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Environmental Science and PolicyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Environmental StudiesRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Environmental ToxicologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Ethnic StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Evolution and EcologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Exercise PhysiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Exercise ScienceRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
Family & Community Medicine (Human)Raquel Abad
Family StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Fashion DesignMarcia Meister(530) 752‑9784
Federal Government InformationMarcia Meister(530) 752‑9784
Feminist Research and TheoryDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Film StudiesJuri Stratford(530) 752‑9783
Fish BiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Food ScienceAxel Borg(530) 752‑6176
Food Science and TechnologyAxel Borg(530) 752‑6176
Forensic SciencesRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
ForestryLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
FrenchMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
Government Information
Federal Government InformationMarcia Meister(530) 752‑9784
International Intergovernmental OrganizationsJuri Stratford(530) 752‑9783
State & Local InformationMarcia Meister(530) 752‑9784
Gender StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
GeneticsLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GeographyDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
GeologyPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
GeomorphologyPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
GeophysicsPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
GermanMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
Hemispheric Institute of the AmericasRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
HistoryDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
History/Philosophy of ScienceDaniel Goldstein
Michael Winter
(530) 752‑2040
(530) 752‑3058
HorticultureLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Human DevelopmentDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
HumanitiesElmyra Appel(530) 752‑2002
Hydrologic SciencesCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Information TheoryPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Institute for Governmental Affairs
Institute of Transportation Studies -- PolicyRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Institute of Transportation Studies -- TechnologyRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation
Internal Medicine (Human)Bruce Abbott(916) 734‑3529
International Agricultural DevelopmentAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
International Intergovernmental OrganizationsJuri Stratford(530) 752‑9783
International LawJudy Janes(530) 752‑3328
International NutritionAxel Borg(530) 752‑6176
International RelationsMarcia Meister(530) 752‑9784
ItalianDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Japanese Language and LiteratureAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
JournalismJuri Stratford(530) 752‑9783
Land, Air and Water ResourcesPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Landscape ArchitectureDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Latin American StudiesRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
LawMarcia Meister(530) 752‑9784
Law LibraryJudy Janes(530) 752‑3328
LinguisticsAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
M.I.N.D. Institute
ManagementAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Materials ScienceCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
MathematicsRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Mechanical EngineeringRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Medical Center Library
Medicine (Human)
Medicine and Epidemiology (Veterinary)Deanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Medieval StudiesDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
MeteorologyPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
MicrobiologyAxel Borg(530) 752‑6176
Middle East/South Asia StudiesAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Military ScienceRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
Mining EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Molecular and Cellular BiologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Molecular BiosciencesRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
MusicMichael Colby(530) 752‑0931
Native American StudiesAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Nature and Culture
NematologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Neurobiology, Physiology and BehaviorRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
NewspapersRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
NursingBruce Abbott(916) 734‑3529
Nutrition, AnimalRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Nutrition, HumanDeanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Obstetrics & Gynecology (Human)Raquel Abad
OceanographyPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology (Veterinary)Deanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Pediatrics (Human)Bruce Abbott(916) 734‑3529
Pest ManagementRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Pharmacology and ToxicologyMary Wood(530) 754‑9122
PhilosophyMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
Philosophy of ScienceMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
PhotographyDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Physical EducationRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
Physical SciencesRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
PhysicsPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
PhysiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Plant BiologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Plant PathologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Plant Protection and Pest Management
Political ScienceMarcia Meister(530) 752‑9784
PomologyLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Population BiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Population, Health and Reproduction (Veterinary)Deanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
PsychiatryDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
PsychologyDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Public HealthAmy Studer(916) 734‑0206
Range ScienceLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Religious StudiesRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
Remote SensingRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
Renaissance StudiesDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Resource EconomicsAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
RhetoricRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
RussianAdam Siegel(530) 754‑6828
Science and SocietyMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
Social Theory and Comparative HistoryDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑2040
Social WelfareDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
SociologyDavid Michalski(530) 752‑2086
Soil SciencePhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Spanish Literature and LanguagesRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
Special CollectionsDaryl Morrison(530) 752‑2112
State & Local Government InformationPatsy Inouye
StatisticsRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Structural EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑0347
Surgery (Human)
Surgical and Radiological Sciences (Veterinary)Deanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Textiles and ClothingCory Craig
Marcia Meister
(530) 752‑0347
(530) 752‑9784
TheaterMichael Winter(530) 752‑3058
TheologyRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑8266
Transportation Technology and PolicyRobert Heyer-Gray(530) 752‑0348
Transportation Technology and Policy -- Technology AspectsRobert Heyer-Gray
Michael Winter
(530) 752‑0348
(530) 752‑3058
Vegetable CropsLaura Soito(530) 752‑2904
Veterinary MedicineDeanna Johnson(530) 752‑3271
Viticulture & EnologyAxel Borg(530) 752‑6176
Water ResourcesPhoebe Ayers(530) 752‑9948
Wildlife, Fish and Conservation BiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883
ZoologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑1883