Using SecureCRT to Access Unix

In Windows, you may use the SecureCRT program to access Unix.

  1. Click Start, select Programs, and select SecureCRT under the SecureCRT submenu. It may also be named SecureCRT 3.4, or have other numbers after the name.

  2. If you have never used SecureCRT, it may ask you to specify a folder to store configuration data. Simply click OK.

  3. SecureCRT may ask if it can become your default telnet application. Simply click Yes.

  4. SecureCRT now requires information about where you wish to connect and what your username is. Input the following settings:

    Protocol: ssh2
    Username: Your username, usually the your first initial followed by your last name, with no spaces or capital letters.

    This is what your screen should look like:

    Secure CRT
  5. If all went well you will be asked for your password and a prompt will appear. You are now successfully logged into Unix.