Spam Help

Spam Filtering

Spam (junk email) will automatically be filtered to the "Junk" folder in your email account. Messages are filtered based on a few factors, including content.

Help Train the System

Great effort is made to identify spam email while limiting the number of false positves. You can help improve the system by telling it when it makes a mistake.

False Negatives

If you detect a spam message, please click the "Junk" button in your Zimbra or Outlook mail clients rather than simply deleting it. This will move the email to the "Junk" folder where it will be analyzed and used to help identify future spam.

False Positives

If you detect a legitimate email in your "Junk" folder, please be sure to click the "Not Junk" button or move it out of your Junk folder in a timely manner.

Folder Changes

The previous library and campus email systems placed spam messages in folder called "UCD-spam". The library will no longer be using the UCD-spam folder and email flagged as spam will now automatically go into your "Junk" folder. Spam messages over 30 days old will automatically be deleted.