Migrate from Campus to Library Email

Instructions for Email Migration

Client Configuration and Return Address

Please see the Email Support page for instructions on configuring your email program so that you will read email from the correct server and sign your email with the correct return address in the format of "". Do not use "".

The legacy "" will continue to work indefinitely, but its use is strongly discouraged.

User Names

If your campus username does not match your departmental username then you may request an alias which will allow you to receive email on the library server addressed to either user name.

Forward Campus Mail

If you have existing campus mail, it will have to be copied to the library before you forward your campus account to the Library email server.

Once you have forwarded your email, you are not longer able to login to the campus server and read old email. Be sure to copy it first.
Mailing Lists

Upon switching to the new address format you will continue to recieve email to any and every previous address, however your return address will appear differently to your recipients.

Mailing lists use return addresses to police access. Only recognized subscribers are allowed to post messages.

Once you have migrated you should adjust all of your mailing list subscriptions you have with your now preferred "" address.

For listserv mailing lists you may update your address by sending an email containing the following.

change * user@lib.ucdavis.edu

Please open a ticket if you need any help at all.