State Government
California Data and Statistics

General Data and Statistical Links

California Statistical Abstract ( [Dept. of Finance]
Annual compilation of data on social economic, and physical aspects of the state.
Counting California ( [Calif. Digital Library]
California data by subject, agency, and geography
California QuickFacts ( [U.S. Census Bureau]
Census links to California data from: Census 2000 population data, latest Economic Census, County Business Patterns, Statistics of U.S. Business, Consolidated Federal Funds Report and more.
California County Profiles ( [Dept of Finance]
Annual compilation of selected economic, social, & demographic data for California and its 58 counties.
Digital Atlas of California (
Statistical Tour of California's Great Central Valley (
Statewide Database (
This site includes voting, registration, and census data for Counties, Assembly and Congressional Districts.

Budget and Economic Information

California California Budget Information ( [Dept. of Finance]
California Economic Indicators ( [Dept. of Finance]
Bimonthly summary of economic trends and data relating to the State of California.
Latest California Economic Data ( [Dept. of Finance]
Data: employment, income, prices, trade, forecasts, construction and miscellaneous economic data.
California Budget (
Includes the propsed budget, the revised budget, and the enacted budget

Population and Demographics

California Demographic, Economic and Financial Research ( [Dept. of Finance]
California QuickFacts ( [U.S. Bureau of the Census]
Quick access to population and business data for California.

Special Subject Statistics

California Agricultural Statistics Service - (CSS) (
Includes: Agricultural Statistics by County and District 1919 to present, crop production, and more.
Crime Statistics ( [Dept. of Justice, Criminal Justice Statistics Center]
Crime and Delinquency in California; Homicide in California; Hate Crime in California, etc.
Statistical Resources ( [Calif. Dept. of Health Services]
Vital Statistics, AIDS, medical care and more.
DataQuest ( [Calif. Dept of Education]
Facts about California schools and districts – enrollments, API, dropouts, and more.
Labor Market Information ( [Employment Development Dept.]
Information on careers & occupations, unemployment rates, & data by industry/business.