Librarian Subject Specialists

Beth Callahan
(530) 752‑6383
Beth Callahan is the Head of the Biological and Agricultural Sciences Reference Department.
Axel Borg
(530) 752‑6176
Axel Borg is the Librarian Subject Specialist for Viticulture and Enology (grape growing and wine making); Microbiology; Food and Nutrition; and General Agriculture
Ruth Gustafson
(530) 752‑1883
Ruth Gustafson is the Librarian Subject Specialist for: General Biology; Animal Science; Avian Science; Entomology (including Bee Biology and Pollination); Environmental Science & Policy; Environmental Toxicology; Evolution and Ecology; Forensic Science; Neurobiology and Physiology; Nematology; and Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology.
Laura Soito
(530) 752‑2904
Laura Soito is the Librarian Subject Specialist for Forestry; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Plant sciences (including fruit and vegetable crops, agronomy, and horticulture); Plant Biology; and Plant Pathology